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Looking for site admins, to apply, post an application for site administration
The site continues to change, but the users discontinue to chat... keep posting people, come on!

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 How to apply for membership

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PostSubject: How to apply for membership   Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:45 pm

The most frequently asked question is, "Do you have to pay to be a member or an admin?"
-No, I believe that it's a very stupid to have to pay to be a member of a clan, I believe it's a privelege for the clan to get more members, not the other way around.
By posting an application you are agreeing to all rules and guidelines.
To post an application copy the example below, fill it in with your information, and than repost as "(Your Name's) Application"

Example's Application
Steam ID: Example
First Name: Example
Last Name: Etc.
How did you find the site:
-Referred by (If no one leave blank):
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How to apply for membership
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